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Absolutely sex dating

I could see my face over his shoulder, under the shower and his entire backside. I was watching one of those steamy, fantasy shower sex scenes and, at the same time, I was experiencing it. For once in my life, I actually enjoyed shower sex.

If there is one thing I want more than to get down and dirty, hard and long, it is to WATCH it happen, too.The fact that seeing yourself get railed is considered taboo only makes it that much more arousing. It's looked down upon and seen as “filthy,” which only makes us want the forbidden fruit even more — and to make it as FILTHY as possible.To get the in-depth scoop on mirror sex, also known as katoptronophilia, Elite Daily enlisted the help of Lorrae Bradbury, a sexpert, speaker and the founder of the sex-positive brand, Slutty Girl Problems.Sex is not only about what we're feeling when our partners touch our erogenous zones or vice versa; it is very much about what you are experiencing Watching ourselves have sex is a turn-on in itself.You get to take on two, very sexually exciting roles all at once: the voyeur watching a couple have sex in front of you and the exhibitionist having sex in a unique, unconventional manner. I've written about it, mentioned it in countless articles, and I talk about it in my personal life on a regular basis.

Yet bae has one of those fancy waterfall showers that is about as rare as a unicorn AND his own studio in Alphabet City, so when he wanted to get soapy and naked after the gym the other day, I actually said yes.

I'm not sure which one of us was more shocked by my agreeing to have shower sex, but I digress.

Anyway, we were doing the deed in his very sizable shower, and I noticed my reflection in the shower door. Sorry again for sharing our personal life with the general public, but not really.) For some reason it made the whole experience astronomically hotter. It felt like I was inside one of those hot, teenage, coming-of-age flicks from the 80s.

When you're f*cking in front of a mirror, you're literally experiencing the visual manifestation of your fantasy unfold in front of your very eyes. You see yourself from the same perspective your partner sees you while still physically feeling his or her touch.

As Bradbury notes: You feel pleasure from receiving it from your partner, as well as by watching yourself react to that pleasure.

It's a multifaceted sexual experience that engages nearly all of your senses.

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