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Acrobat consolidating duplicate fonts

My problem is, when the concatenated pdf is generated, all fonts used in both pdf are duplicated.

If embedded, are you talking about subsets of fonts or full fonts? If non-embedded fonts or fully embedded fonts, you are using the wrong way to concatenate your PDFs (and the wrong i Text version for that matter, you should upgrade).Bruno, that's not my goal, i want only to remove duplicate Embedded subset fonts, so to sum up, i have for exemple pdf 1 with font ( Arial MT True Type (CID) Embedded subset) and pdf 2 with fonts ( Arial MT True Type (CID) Embedded subset and True Type (CID) Embedded subset), after merging the pdfs, I got one pdf with duplicate font ( Arial MT True Type (CID) Embedded subset) , so i want to have one Arial MT True Type (CID) Embedded subset.I searched in the internet, and the solution was to use PDFSmart Copy, but it does not work for me.won't help you), or (2) you are using a version of i Text dating from March 2009, deliberately ignoring all improvements that have been added in the last 6 years.You should upgrade and test with the most recent version., then i Text has done its job wel.Because you aren't merely asking to remove duplicate fonts (which is a no-brainer if you're talking about fonts that aren't embedded or fonts that are fully embedded), you're asking to merge different subsets of the same font into one font object.

This is quite complex and may require entire content streams to be rewritten.

With i Text, you can only reduce the file size by reusing font subsets that are identical.

The moment they are different, you can't reuse different subsets unless you merge them (and merging subsets isn't supported).

Identical subsets of fonts are stored in the same object (no redundant font).

Unfortunately, Arial MT and some of the Franklin Gothic fonts can not be reused because the subsets of the fonts are different.

i Text isn't able to merge different font sets of the same font.

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