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Advice dating why women love latino men

Whatever the reason may be for their longer feminine shelf life, I strongly recommend that every man game, date, or fuck a Latina at least once in their lives because they will change your preference and taste in women.Here’s why: Girls of all races embrace their femininity when shaking their asses at the club.

They love being sexy and take tremendous pride in their femininity.Her expression and voice will soften, she’ll relax, and will completely and wholly surrender herself to you. They want to make sure they’re dealing a man and will often vocalize this in no uncertain terms.They test your mettle with intensity from the jump…count on it.A couple years back when visiting my brother in Atlanta we decided to hit a Latin club one night.High heels and long beautiful hair are mainstays for these girls because it is embraced by their culture. If you’re not equipped to handle their spirit, passion, or their hair-trigger jealously (which escalates quickly and loudly regardless of game, frame, or venue), they will chew you up and spit you out. Their fiery personalities are another part of their culture they embrace.Even when popping over to the store around the corner they make sure they’re looking good. Incidentally, this acts as a highly effective beta repellent.

Step to a mami with weak game and she will blow you out like a bad tire. Tight game, rock solid frame, and demonstrating high value gets you in the door.

But when you establish true dominance she’ll go from Tiger to kitten right before your very eyes.

Donovan is a sexist son of a bitch who objectifies women by keeping them on their toes, their backs, and their knees where they belong. From wives to fuck buddies and everything in between, these chicas blow away (literally and figuratively) all other females in just about every way imaginable.

In the opinion of your humble correspondent, Latinas are far and away the superior breed of woman within the context of any sexual relationship, and it’s not even close.

Though I haven’t traveled abroad as much as some of my fellow writers I have still been able to have relationships of varying degrees with many different nationalities of women.

I have found that the feminine qualities of Latinas seem to hold up the longest in the American cesspool and this, among other reasons, makes them the undisputed queens of arm candy.

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