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Allcampusdating com

For this reason the loss because of academic failure has been slight.The success of the freshmen and the high quality of the transfer students who enter the University, after acceptably completing work in other colleges, account for the high proportion of the number of degrees granted when compared to the number of students enrolled in degree or professional programs.

Even this high percentage was exceeded in many previous years.ENROLLMENT has more than doubled every twenty years at the University of Michigan.Beginning with only six freshmen and one sophomore in 1841, the first year of its operation in Ann Arbor, the University has steadily grown until it is among the largest in the world.In 1955-56, 33,723 students in credit and professional programs were taught by the faculty of the University.The growth in size and the amount of service rendered can be significantly described in referring to the number of students earning degrees.Since 1845, when eleven students received degrees, 157,964 degrees have been granted, with 5,030 in 1955-56.

The growth became so accelerated that in the nineteen-year period from 1937 to 1956 more degrees were awarded than in all the previous ninety-two years.

The University of Michigan has maintained, throughout the years, a strong undergraduate enrollment as a basis on which to build its graduate and graduate-professional programs.

The selective admissions policy has assured the University of students who have demonstrated the ability to succeed academically.

The University of Michigan has, throughout its existence, been extremely popular with students outside the state.

In the 1920's students came from all the states and more than thirty foreign countries.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the University was maintained, and the out-of-state enrollment grew with the total University; in general one non-Michigan student registered for each two Michigan residents.

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