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Amateur webcam service

(c) You may not stream audio via the CAM RADIO NET server.(2) Cam Radio Groups include Clubs or Individuals who coordinate a regular PTT round table on any band at any time.

As well, emergency radio communications kits are distributed throughout the area.CVARS has recently begun a working relationship with the Cowichan Valley Search and Rescue, supporting their activities when requested with amateur radio communications capabilities.Community Events Participation In 2016 CVARS will provide communications support during the Coastal Respsonse Excercise, a major event planned by EMBC during the simulation of a 9.0 earthquake on Vancouver Island, as well as the following local events: Industry Canada will allow amateur radio operators to use the 5332 k Hz, 5348 k Hz, 5358.5 k Hz, 5373 k Hz and 5405 k Hz frequencies on a no-interference, no-protection basis.Industry Canada will not allow amateur radio operators to use the 5329 k Hz frequency.For the frequencies centred on 5332 k Hz, 5348 k Hz, 5358.5 k Hz, 5373 k Hz and 5405 k Hz: Amateur stations will be allowed a maximum bandwidth of 2.8 k Hz.Amateur stations will be restricted to the following emission modes and designators: telephony (2K80J3E), data (2K80J2D), RTTY (60H0J2B) and CW (150HA1A).

Amateur stations will be allowed to operate with a maximum effective radiated power of 100 W PEP.

(b) Your stream must be delivered from your Global IP, Domain or IP Service.

The Cowichan Valley Amateur Radio Society (CVARS) is an incorporated Not For Profit group.

CVARS is comprised of amateur radio operators from Ladysmith to the Malahat including Lake Cowichan and the Gulf Islands.

Repeaters The Society maintains a number of voice repeaters and digipeaters located near Duncan on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

144.39 (APRS), 146.68 pl 141.3, 224.90- pl 141.3, 442.60+ pl 141.3, all on Mt Brenton The CVARS repeater frequency 145.47 pl 127.3 on Mt Sicker is maintained by the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) Mount Brenton VE7RNA telemetry (opens in a new window) CVARS actively supports community communications needs and has designed and constructed a fully equipped Communications Trailer.

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