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Chinese dating marriage customs

In Confucian thought, marriage is of grave significance both to families and to society as well as being important for the cultivation of virtue.Traditionally incest has been defined as marriage between people with the same surname.

This is generally why having a boy is more preferred than a girl when giving birth.Therefore, the benefits and demerits of any marriage are important to the entire family, not just the individual couples.Socially, the married couple is thought to be the basic unit of society.In Chinese history there have been many times when marriages have affected the country’s political stability and international relations. The groom usually wears a sash forming an "X" in front of him. The bride is the one in the centre wearing a red dress and blue headpiece, presenting tea to her mother-in-law.

Sometimes the "X" includes a giant bow or flower, though not in this picture.) is a ceremonial ritual within Chinese societies that involve a marriage established by pre-arrangement between families.

Within Chinese culture, romantic love was allowed, and monogamy was the norm for most citizens.

In more ancient writings for the word 婚姻, the former has the radical 昏 (pinyin: hūn, literally " dusk, nightfall, twilight, dark") beside the radical 女 (pinyin: nǚ, literally "a female").

This implies that the wedding ceremony is performed in the evening, which is deemed as a time of fortune.

Similarly, 姻 (pinyin: yīn) has the same pronunciation as 因 (pinyin: yīn).

According to Zhang Yi's (張揖) Guangya Shigu (廣雅•釋詁), a dictionary of ancient Chinese characters, 因 (pinyin: yīn) means "friendliness", "love" and "harmony", indicating the correct way of living for a married couple.

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