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Chobot dating

She returned to the US looking to get a job in the video game industry.During this time, Chobot started modeling to support her gaming and anime habit.

As a child, her family frequently moved along the east coast and around the midwest, to which her parents placated her with video games.As a teenager, she entered a punk/ goth phase and developed a deep fascination for comics and vampires.She attended college in Ohio and began roleplaying characters from Vampire: The Masquerade, and even attended LARP meetings.After college, she worked for several years as an administrative assistant for a real estate agency where she met her first husband.She enrolled in a part time graduate program to become an art teacher.When state laws about teacher certification changed, she had a "quarter-life crisis" that set off a significant chain of events.

She became depressed, started playing World of Warcraft heavily, got a job at EB Games, and later spent all her savings on a ticket to Japan.

Chobot calls the 3 week trip "transformative", a validation of her interest in games and Japanese culture.

Jessica Chobot is a writer on Zombie Studios' survival horror game Daylight.

Previously she worked at IGN, hosting shows like Weekly Wood and Strategize while contributing at G4, Fuel TV, and other outlets.

She initially gained fame for licking a PSP, which helped her land a job at IGN.

Jessica Chobot was born Jessica Lynn Horn in Buffalo, New York in 1977.

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