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Cousin dating my ex

It is true you love her; it is also wise to avoid controversy and trouble.

"Kind of" as she told him they could have a loose relationship which basically means having sex and no further obligations.I found out when my girlfriend and I went to an eatery and met my cousin.He pulled me aside and told me I was with his girlfriend.Although my girlfriend did not come down from the car, she confirmed that my cousin was the guy she told me of as soon as I entered the car. My cousin claimed that she is still his girlfriend that they only had a clash, but she said she can no longer date him. Apart from this, is it morally right for me to date my first cousin’s ex? Dear Eniola, I will suggest that you let go of this lady, because as your first cousin’s ex, it is as good as dating your brother’s ex.Agreed, you did not know they had dated themselves before, now that you know, it is better you withdraw before it is too late to do so. The fact that your cousin still maintains that she remains his girlfriend for reasons best known to him is a little dangerous.Dear Taiwo, Please, help me, I have been dating a lady for the past five weeks and I am beginning to get fond of her.

She was introduced to me by my younger sister when I returned to the country from South Africa some months ago.

I was particularly interested in her because she told me she just ended a relationship few weeks before I met her and she was still hurting by what she went through.

She told me what happened and even told me the name of the guy, but I did not know that the guy in question is my first cousin.

I was in England for like 3 weeks but it didn't work out for me and I came back.

Earlier I finally convinced my cousin to leave the country and he arrived like 2 weeks after me, found a well-paid job, and stayed.

He says he doesn't think about coming back any time soon.

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