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Dating a sociopath part 2

Please read Lovefraud’s statement on Spiritual Recovery.Her alarm would go off at 5am, and she would leave for the office by , to arrive by .

However, yet more comments (and email) are sent saying that this viewpoint is wrong, and is damaging?(which is kind of ironic that sociopaths can complain about what is ‘damaging’.. You can read the original I love you page and comments here https://datingasociopath.com/sociopath-character-traits/cunning-and-manipulative/i-love-you/ I am going to post the comments here.These are comments from sociopaths who maintain that they CAN love, and that I am wrong.I would be interested in your thoughts, should I change this post?Am I wrong to assume that the sociopath cannot love?I struggle to understand how ‘control’ can equate to ‘love’.

Sociopath (s) ‘moral outrage’ comments on this post!

Editor’s note: The following story was sent to Lovefraud by a man whom we’ll call “Anthony.” He believes his ex-wife is a sociopath. Read: Part 1 Early Bird Gets “The Worm” When we met, in late January of 2008, Jezabel’s morning schedule was to report to the office at 6am, She said that she liked getting her work done while it was quiet.

This site, is written for the benefit of victims, not sociopaths.

However, sociopaths do read and sometimes comment on this site.

Personally as long as there are no personal attacks, this is fine with me. Recently over the last couple of months, I have had quite a lot of complaints about my post where I wrote that sociopaths cannot love.

After all, a sociopath will show themselves and how they think and feel quite clearly. I have re-read the post, and I still think that there is a lot of truth there.

Profile for dating a sociopath part 2:

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