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Dating bing grondahl figurines

Others, highly in demand on Ebay nowadays, were discontinued and are consequently available exclusively with the old four number codes from Bing and Grondahl.Also discontinued were some models produced after the merge, in 1987 but those have the new coding system: For example, the figurine of a titmouse, "The Optimist" that used to be B&G Nr.1633, is now marked Royal Copenhagen Nr. The Bing and Grondahl or currently also "Royal Copenhagen" figurines are highly collectible items of an extraordinary beauty with understated discreet pastel colouring and a fine finishing and glaze in the porcelain.

It lists over 1000 figurines made by B&G, including those which are still in production with a Royal Copenhagen trademark.It is a large format (9" x 12"), hard cover book containing 240 pages and approximately 800 color pictures.It has a very complete listing and price guide in print for Bing & Grondahl figurines. And of course, it is always wise to follow the general advice about researching the seller and the item before making a purchase and requesting more detailed pictures and asking questions whenever there is a doubt.For figurines in current production, one can also use as a price guide the MSRP (Manufacturer's suggested retail price). If there are no pictures available and there is no mention in the description you should ALWAYS ask your seller whether the item that is being offered is indeed a 1st. Then we can relax and have a lot of fun completing our collection of these lovely items.An important information for EBAY buyers is that the company also made FACTORY SECONDS! It is the factory stamp or trademark of Bing & Grondahl, the Danish porcelain manufacturer, that helps determine the age of any porcelain item made by B&G.

The porcelain factory Bing & Grondahl was established 19 is an ancient symbol of Copenhagen originating from the castle of Absalon and the same symbol used in the City Arms of Copenhagen (bishop Absalon founded Copenhagen in 1167).

The trademark was used with little variations but with different writings until 1970.

Jahrhundert in die gewlbte Keller unter der Antik und Porzellan Lade im Fuglsangsgade 4 (Vogelsangsstrasse).

Eintritt 5 Kronen (Eingang durch die Laden und Galerie).

By the end of the XIX century, they had reached such a great success, mostly with their line of porcelain household items (dinner sets, vases, etc.) that they won awards and participated in the famous 1900 World Exhibition in Paris (for which the Tour Eiffel was created! They also had a specially beautiful production during the Art Deco years and as time passed they opened several branches in London and Paris and started new lines, while undergoing several changes in their artistic direction.

The Bing and Grondahl Figurines that we currently find in the market have different dates of production and can also come from the latest period of the Company in which it merged with the other leading Danish porcelain manufacturer, Royal Copenhagen, and continued producing some of the most popular models with new codes and markings.

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