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Dating in todays world

Solomon said he would call no later then the afternoon the day before the 4th. He was making me very uncomfortable, but changing the subject was proving hard with this guy. He wouldn't let me speak and at one point told me that I was no intellectual. Solomon said that I needed to talk to this women and as he was telling me about her, I knew he was talking about his X.

I'm not a phone person but with speaker phone and me still gardening while he talked, the time went fast.Solomon's a very complex man, he states he is a scholar and a positive person but half his conversation was so negative. He had a room at a friends house but if that friend had family come to town he had to find a different place to stay..He spoke with authority on many subjects that held interest for me, but that didn't mean I agreed with all of his thoughts by any means, that is how you get to know someone. Sometimes a hotel, a friends or even at his friends office.He wanted to get together on the 4th of July, I had no big plans so, why not? He tried to keep me on the phone longer, but I was really glad I had to run to a friends party. He was so negative and unhappy about a plan that didn't go his way and he was angry, and pissed. He said the call was worth 7k so I thought that would make him really happy, but no, he was going on about what he had already told me. Finally got the subject changed to reincarnation and how I wasn't convinced that was a truth for me.A few day later I posted how my girlfriends 1st grader had a more interesting love life then I.Then he in boxed me with, if i were single would I have dinner with him.

Well, I told him I would love to walk and talk with him to get to know him and I gave him my number. He is a fairly truthful open book and he kept me on the phone for 4 hours.

As I gardened, he was on speaker phone in my top pocket.

Maybe a year ago, a friends friend on FB, requested me. For whatever reason, I just started getting his post and he was posting some uplifting and informative information and also some wonderful photos.

He had posted some nice things so I accepted Solomon's request. When I started commenting on his post, he started commenting on mine..

One evening we did a type chat and when I signed off, I said good night in Italian, I thought for sure he would get it as he commented that he was a scholar and spoke with authority on many subjects and well traveled. The next morning I woke to a note blasting me for speaking in tongues.

I kinda laughed it off and wrote back that he should chill out, it was Italian like myself.

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