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Define dating alias

Can catch you off guard because everything seems to be working fine and dandy until you hit a value over 12.

Hence you should use 'dd-mm-yyyy' or 'mm/dd/yyyy'Which is weird, and should not be such.your claim that "is not 100% truth" is incorrect, you're seeing desired behavior here.The timezone passed as 2nd argument is used as a default fall back, in case the parsed string doesn't provide TZ information.] So if you want to convert date between different timezones, you have to create two Date Time Zone objects - one for the input and one for output, like this: The construct have some problem with date validate.ALTER INDEX RENAME ALTER SCHEMA RENAME ALTER SEQUENCE ALTER TABLE ADD ALTER TABLE ADD CONSTRAINT ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMN ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN ALTER TABLE DROP CONSTRAINT ALTER TABLE SET ALTER TABLE RENAME ALTER USER ADMIN ALTER USER RENAME ALTER USER SET PASSWORD ALTER VIEW ANALYZE COMMENT CREATE AGGREGATE CREATE ALIAS CREATE CONSTANT CREATE DOMAIN CREATE INDEX CREATE LINKED TABLE CREATE ROLE CREATE SCHEMA CREATE SEQUENCE CREATE TABLE CREATE TRIGGER CREATE USER CREATE VIEW DROP AGGREGATE CHECKPOINT CHECKPOINT SYNC COMMIT COMMIT TRANSACTION GRANT RIGHT GRANT ALTER ANY SCHEMA GRANT ROLE HELP PREPARE COMMIT REVOKE RIGHT REVOKE ROLE ROLLBACK ROLLBACK TRANSACTION SAVEPOINT SET @ SET ALLOW_LITERALS SET AUTOCOMMIT SET CACHE_SIZE SET CLUSTER SET BINARY_COLLATION SET COLLATION SET COMPRESS_LOB SET DATABASE_EVENT_LISTENER SET DB_CLOSE_DELAY SET DEFAULT_LOCK_TIMEOUT SET DEFAULT_TABLE_TYPE SET EXCLUSIVE SET IGNORECASE SET JAVA_OBJECT_SERIALIZER SET LOG SET LOCK_MODE SET LOCK_TIMEOUT SET MAX_LENGTH_INPLACE_LOB SET MAX_LOG_SIZE SET MAX_MEMORY_ROWS SET MAX_MEMORY_UNDO SET MAX_OPERATION_MEMORY SET MODE SET MULTI_THREADED SET OPTIMIZE_REUSE_RESULTS SET PASSWORD SET QUERY_STATISTICS SET QUERY_STATISTICS_MAX_ENTRIES SET QUERY_TIMEOUT SET REFERENTIAL_INTEGRITY SET RETENTION_TIME SET SALT HASH SET SCHEMA SET SCHEMA_SEARCH_PATH SET THROTTLE SET TRACE_LEVEL SET TRACE_MAX_FILE_SIZE SET UNDO_LOG SET WRITE_DELAY SHUTDOWN SELECT [ TOP term ] [ DISTINCT | ALL ] select Expression [,...] FROM table Expression [,...] [ WHERE expression ] [ GROUP BY expression [,...] ] [ HAVING expression ] [ { UNION [ ALL ] | MINUS | EXCEPT | INTERSECT } select ] [ ORDER BY order [,...] ] [ [ LIMIT expression ] [ OFFSET expression ] [ SAMPLE_SIZE row Count Int ] ] [ FOR UPDATE ] queries or joins are not allowed in this case.ll total 20 -rw-r--r-- 1 sbloch users 4583 Oct 13 hw2-rw-r--r-- 1 sbloch users 3273 Oct 13 hw3-rw-r--r-- 1 sbloch users 540 Oct 11 drwx------ 2 sbloch users 4096 Oct 11 old ll ~/html/class/271/assignments/h* -rw-r--r-- 1 sbloch users 4583 Oct 13 /users/staff/math/sbloch/html/class/271/assignments/hw2-rw-r--r-- 1 sbloch users 3273 Oct 13 /users/staff/math/sbloch/html/class/271/assignments/hw3Since the expansion of shell and environment variables happens after the recognition of single quotes, but before the recognition of double quotes, the shell would expand the variable name "current" at the time panther% pwd /users/staff/math/sbloch/public_html/class/archive/271/fall2005/notes panther% indir ~sbloch/html/class/271 ls -l *html -rw-r--r-- 1 sbloch users 5134 Oct 14 271_calendar.shtml -rw-r--r-- 1 sbloch users 6753 Oct 15 -rw-r--r-- 1 sbloch users 6373 Apr 10 2002 old_-rw-r--r-- 1 sbloch users 8852 Sep 20 panther% pwd /users/staff/math/sbloch you won't get to the second line, because the shell will complain that the first line has mismatched quotation marks.Date Time will recognise any number up to 12 as a [month], and any number up to 31 as a [day]; it calculates the resulting date to be [day] days after the start of [month].

This means that when a datetime object is created with more days than are found in that month, the date will be beyond the end of the month.__construct()Note that when you create a new date object using a format with slashes and dashes (eg or 02/02/2012) it must be in the mm/dd/yy(yy) or mm-dd-yy(yy) format (rather than british format dd/mm/yy)!

Months always before years (the american style) otherwise you'll get an incorrect date and may get an error like the one above (where PHP is crashing on trying to decode a 13th month).

PHP version is 5.4.40 date_create and other Date Time related functions are included by default only in PHP versions equal and greater than 5.2.

In PHP 5.1.2 this functionality is marked to be experimental and has to be enabled at compile time.

"String in a format accepted by strtotime()" is not 100% truth - you cannot pass timezone info in the string used as Date Time constructor, while you can do it with strtotime().

It may be a problem if you would like to create a date from GMT time and then display it in your local timezone, for example: [red.

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