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Fox news mental illness dating

In his latest podcast, entitled Am I Mad Enough To Crash a Plane?

The self-styled revolutionary points to the station's coverage of the disaster, and a news anchor's comments that the 27-year-old looked like "someone who’d rather crash a party than crash a plane".On the February 5 edition of , Mac Callum pushed the debunked myth that mental health is a common variable among violent criminals by listing recent mass shooters.Mac Callum highlighted four perpetrators of mass shootings, and said, "You look at the people who've carried out these heinous crimes and killed so many innocent children. All of these have mental health issues." Mac Callum went on to criticize President Obama for focusing on stronger gun laws rather than mental health in his policy response to the Newtown, CT, mass shooting.By limiting her sample to just a few high-profile criminals, Mac Callum ignored that those with mental health conditions represent a small percentage of perpetrators of violent crimes.We know that what [the Fox anchor] is saying isn’t true."The reality is [Lubitz] lived in a system that causes individuals to malfunction, because we have a lack of cohesion, a lack of connection and a lack of truth."If you want incidents like this...less mad individuals whether it’s Adolf Hitler, Isis, or the fella crashing the plane...

I believe the solution is not to look at madness, darkness and evil as an outside issue, but as an internal issue." He concludes: "We can never have that conversation properly because Fox and big corporations benefit from things being the way they are."Yesterday, it was confirmed that Lubitz had suffered suicidal tendencies and sought treatment some years ago.

Fox News' Martha Mac Callum exaggerated the relationship between mental health and gun violence by suggesting advocates for stronger gun laws focus on the few individuals with mental health conditions who commit mass killings instead of the widely available weapons that they used.

He goes on to claim that 50 per cent of people will suffer from some diagnosable form of mental illness in their lifetimes, while only 60 per cent of those will receive any help.

He adds: "So far from being something weird, peculiar, uncommon, it’s some normal thing that’s happening all the time."Why is it happening all the time?

Why are we living in the times of a mental illness plague?

"Russell goes on to lay the blame at big corporations, ranting: "The reason Fox can’t be honest about what causes mental illness is that Fox News IS what causes mental illness." He continued: "Fox are the propaganda machine of capitalism, a system that separates us from one another and tells us the way to solve our individual problems is through purchasing, through buying things, through identifying primarily through our roles as consumers, not as active citizens or participants in society, members in communities that should care about others, but people who shouldn’t be condemning those who are weaker, vilifying people that act in any way that’s unusual."We know in the core of our being that that isn’t right, so it creates a friction and a tension.

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