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Heidi spencer the hills still dating

" Only it wasn't Montag who started the sex-tape rumor — it was her future husband, Pratt. If you want to throw missiles, I’m throwing a nuke.

The couple, who have been married for 15 years, played up to the audience in New York ahead of the crucial primary next Tuesday amid rumors of infidelity that have rocked his bid for the presidency in recent weeks.The Republican candidate, who is second behind Trump in the race, did slip up with a controversial comment about watching porn with Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, as his two daughters were sat in the front row.'We came back from our honeymoon and Ted went off to the store by himself,' she said.I was completely shocked to see him come back to out apartment with literally a hundred cans of chunky Campbells soup.'One thing you told me that night were the things I liked, a necklace, some flower, then a couple of weeks later appeared – at the venue – in snowy Boston , some beautiful roses, from that particular florist that was very difficult to find.Claims also surfaced in the last week that Cruz was allegedly named in the notorious 'black book' of late DC madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey, who, at the time of her arrest in 2006, claimed her escorts had slept with officials in the White House, the Pentagon, lobbyists and high-powered lawyers.In a fascinating new interview, Spencer Pratt confirmed that he was the one to leak the story about Lauren Conrad's alleged sex tape, and ripped his former Hills costar as a "cold-hearted killer" -- get all the details here.

, revealing that their feud with former friend Lauren Conrad endures to this day.

In 2008, rumors circulated that Conrad, 29, allegedly had a sex tape with her then-boyfriend Jason Wahler.

The story, which Conrad denied, prompted her to yell at Montag — in one of the ' most defining moments — "You know what you did!

Two women have denied being Cruz 'mistresses' - Amanda Carpenter, a former campaign aide who is now a CNN contributor and Katrina Pierson, another former campaign aide who is now a spokeswoman for Donald Trump.

The Republican candidate, who is second behind Trump in the race, did slip up with a controversial comment about watching porn with Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, as his two daughters were sat in the front row He admitted following The Donald on Twitter, but then went on to say: 'Although the truth of the matter, is you could sit alone in the woods in the middle of nowhere and somehow still hear Donald’s tweets.' After the daughters' adorable appearance, Heidi and Ted faced more serious questions about personal attacks that have beset the campaign.

On Monday, it was reported that Mariah Carey is now LIVING with her new beau James Packer after only 5 months of dating. In case you forgot, the Grammy winner was first linked to the billionaire back in June after the duo were spotted holding hands in Italy. Related: Mariah Is A Proud And Self-Proclaimed Diva Apparently the hitmaker moved into her man's Beverly Hills home after her recent Halloween bash. Though, we can't say we're ENTIRELY shocked by this news since Miz Carey has been renting a pad only 5 minutes away from James' residence.

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