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Interracial dating statstics

It is easy to see how a white woman who wanted a masculine man would find a good-looking black guy appealing.Also, given that white women today seem to dislike white men almost as much as blacks do, dating a black guy may be a way of getting even.

Where I live, the sight of a black guy walking with a (usually blonde) white woman is no longer startling, although many are not at all happy about it. Until recently, the social message, often explicit, was that blacks weren't good enough to touch a white woman. While black men enjoy a new world, black women (if the television specials are right) don't much like it.The media celebrate interracial dating as A Good Thing, showing that irrational prejudices are at last dying out and a better world is coming into existence. Although blacks oppose discrimination by color, they have always held to a color code among themselves by which lighter women were better. Black men in this country have always been fascinated by white women, at times almost obsessed, because of the forbidden-fruit principle. Read the first chapter of .) The social order is now changing.This preference by their men angers black women -- dark women who get overlooked, light ones pursued chiefly for their color, and black women in general, who resent losing, every time.(White women, incidentally, at least some of them, similarly resent Asian women, who charm white men by virtue of their femininity and looks.Asian women, however, are few enough as not to pose a real threat.) The media and advertising industry understand the color code perfectly. On average, white men hate to see black men dating whites. Instincts involving sex aren't always obvious, but they are there, and powerful.

Note how often, when you see a black man and woman on a magazine cover, the woman is lighter. (So do a whole lot of white women.) In places like Washington people won't say so publicly. Human behavior usually consists of rational justification of limbic instincts. White men don't like to admit their resentment because to do so underlines their inability to do anything about it. An example: I like the Japanese, have great respect for their intelligence individually and for their society (extraordinarily productive, unfailingly courteous, almost free of crime.) Yet if my daughter told me she planned to marry a Japanese boy of impeccable credentials, I'd nonetheless feel a visceral resentment. By contrast, if my son told me he planned to marry a similarly admirable Japanese girl, I'd think he was one lucky guy. Sex as a weapon of conquest, of struggle for dominance among males, is a dark corner of human behavior that we don't talk about. Raping the women of one's enemies has been a common military practice until recent times -- American armies have done it -- and still is if one believes reports from Yugoslavia.

A powerful instinct of all males is to protect their women from outsiders. In slave days, black men were furious that they could not prevent sexual access to their women by white men. White men regularly had their way with slave women, and you can believe that dominance, as well as sex, was involved. in 1991 there were 100 cases of white rapists assaulting black victims compared with more than 20,000 cases of black rapists attacking white victims -- a result that is especially remarkable considering that rapes are usually perpetrated not just for sex but in order to control, dominate, and humiliate women." And also, he doesn't add, their men.

Dinesh D'Souza,* the Indian-born scholar now at the American Enterprise Institute, noted in his , (page 408, from FBI statistics) ". Where white women fit into interracial dating is less clear.

Black men are physically more attractive than white, being better built and more muscular -- and usually able to beat the stuffing out of white men, which whites of both sexes know.

They are also unapologetically masculine (and misogynist, but that can be played down when useful), more assertive, and often charming.

White-collar Caucasian men these days tend to be neutered, carefully inoffensive, and in general browbeaten by militant feminism.

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