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Partners hollywood dating american

It tells the story of a married man coming to terms with his homosexuality and the love triangle that develops around him, his wife and another man.It stars Kate Jackson, Harry Hamlin and Michael Ontkean.

They have been married for eight years and are generally happy in their relationship, sharing in common a love for Gilbert and Sullivan and the poetry of Rupert Brooke, to whom they were introduced by their elderly former neighbor, Winnie Bates (Wendy Hiller).Claire, concerned about the growing distance in her marriage, goes to her boss seeking a year-long leave of absence.Instead, he promotes her and sends her to New York City on a weekend business trip.Zack takes advantage of the opportunity to spend more time with Bart, but they end up arguing.Intending to start a family, the couple buys a big house.Unknown to Claire, Zack has been struggling with feelings of attraction to other men.

He picks up men in his car and starts frequenting gay bars in West Hollywood on his lunch hour, although he does not follow through sexually.

This changes when he meets Bart Mc Guire (Hamlin), a gay novelist who comes to see him for a medical check-up.

Bart leads a fairly hedonistic single lifestyle, picking up multiple sexual partners, frequenting gay bars and clubs, occasionally taking recreational drugs. At Bart's house, it becomes clear Zack is not yet able to identify as gay, instead labeling himself "curious." Zack and Bart go to bed, which is the first time Zack has had sex with another man.

Zack and Bart are mutually but unspokenly attracted to each other and go out for lunch. Zack wants to stay the night, but Bart, following his usual pattern, brushes him off.

Angered, Zack leaves, but later challenges Bart's fear of intimacy.

Bart makes plans for them to get together during the weekend.

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