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Pay for address dating sites ukraine

She asked for money and I sent it many times and was just feeling great because she was beautiful and young.she lured me into sexual conversations and would claim she was so in love with me that she wanted to get married ASAP.

Then I decided to test her back by asking her for pertinent information and more photos then used Google photo search to find her photos across various dating sites and other website. Name: Ann Bryan Aka: Ann Davidswat Age: 39 Location: London England Address: unknown Phone: 832-802-0517 Email: [email protected] web sites: Mate1 Report: I am believe that I am being scammed Name: mame annane Aka: patience Amarteifio Age: 30 Location: Ghana Accra Address: west legon 0465 Phone: 54477943 Email: [email protected] web sites: Report: these people have scam me for over 6000 dollars they use a voice changer Name: Agnes Anim Aka: unknown Age: 32 Location: Canada, Ghana Address: Agnes Anim, Ghana, Accra, 00233 Phone: 010146, 9 (Google) Email: [email protected] web sites: Report: Met this user online and we continued to talk and she never asked for money at first but eventually after a while she said she needed money to keep her internet on in order for us to keep talking because she lives in Ghana.Once made the friend ship, she would give NY based IP phone number. She said she would travel over to Cyprus to buy Antiques.She said she would come see me but hasn't booked the ticket.Name: Kathleen Beckley Aka: Kathy Becks, Katerine Belley Age: 43-45 Location: Johannesburg, South Africa Address: unknown Phone: unknown Email: [email protected] web sites: Although men have reported this person, she also claims she is a lesbian and has an account on If you see photos of ex porn star Jelena Jenson it's probably not her...Claims to be a Geologist working on contract in South Africa...initially made it seem like she was financially independent then after two months of sweet talk, started asking for exorbitant amounts of money (...first request was to the tune of $3000) Name: Oksana Aka: Julia/Natalia Age: 27 Location: Kurgan city Address: unknown Phone: +79030597912 +79250374667 skype... Name: barikisu yussif Aka: unknown Age: 34 Location: ghana city accra Address: ukana high way nima 411 Phone: 19082912937 Email: [email protected] web sites: goggolebarikisucorin Report: she is a scammer she took me for money i meet her in a date site cheatershookup man beware of her scammer Name: Martha Gibson Aka: Martha Age: 34 Location: Turkey Address: Cyprus Phone: unknown Email: [email protected] web sites: Report: Martha Gibson, by this name , made a FB friend request.

Whats App +79030597912(my girlfriend) skyppe ID Ekaterinacka Email: [email protected] web sites: still cant get it out of them Report: Tried long relationship..again ended with I will take my Holiday now. After accepting this, this person sent several attractive pics.

Will you send money for me to come all is to expensive.. Name: VICTORIA AKISHINA Aka: Elizaveta Age: 31 Location: Elets Address: unknown Phone: unknown Email: [email protected] web sites: I haven't gotten them to give that up yet Report: She wanted a relationship, all so alone and desperate for love. Once open the pic, one can tell it is photo shopped.

She then showed a fake travel itinery, but there was no record locator which can be verified.

Here is the message when Name: Elizabeth Liz Pelaelo Aka: Elizabeth Keabetswe Nakhabenyane Age: 25 Location: Botswana Address: unknown Phone: 26774074542 Email: [email protected], & On web sites: https:// Love Black Women And White Men/ Report: I believe that I am a victim of K1 VISA Fraud (however not filed because I came to my senses) Met on Facebook and she wanted to marry within 45 days of talking.

I was lots older and she was 24 years old in Botswana Africa and has a 3 year old son who she claimed she has no idea was the father.

She claimed to Love me like no other man she ever met.

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