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Play japanese dating sims in english

When I asked how they knew, the answer was always the same: “Girl’s Side.” And when you think about it, it’s pretty obvious why.Getting real conversation practice is often neither easy nor practical—especially if you don’t live in Japan.

After all, it's built entirely around real world-style conversations.The characters talk about going to see movies, watching TV, their hobbies, their likes and dislikes, school life, and any number of other common topics.Moreover, as kind of a comprehension challenge, the end of each date has a question you must answer correctly to earn the maximum amount of love points.The other incredibly useful aspect of dating sims is that the vast majority of them that have come out in the past decade are fully voiced.by asking all of you to help me choose which romantic foil to go after, I noted that it would not be my first dating sim.Moreover, I mentioned that dating sims are the best tool I know of for expanding your Japanese ability.

Back in 2004, I was in college and studying intermediate level Japanese.

I had average grades in the class and spent my free time playing games, watching anime, and hanging out with friends who were also studying Japanese.

One of these friends studied abroad in Japan for half-a-year and when she returned, she brought with her a Japanese PS2 and the game .

This dating sim, designed for girls, is a school life simulator where you improve your stats via school life activities, meeting various boys, and attempting to woo them in the three years before you graduate.

All my female friends proceeded to play it obsessively. I had never played a dating sim and honestly looked down on the whole genre as being for losers who couldn’t get a real girl—instead of what they really are: interactive romance novels. My female friends’ Japanese was getting much better than mine.

In class or while doing homework, they would answer questions I had no idea about.

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