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Ryan reynolds and amy smart dating

Anna Faris plays the self-absorbed pop star, Samantha James, who is always super dramatic.

There are a few times when the story drags a little, but for the most part, you will be in tears (from laughing so hard, of course! You will be pleasantly surprised at how funny this movie is.All the characters do a great job, including the supporting cast - like Chris' neurotic mom and horny little brother.If you're looking for a flick that's just good fun, definitely check out Just Friends.Related Stories: I personally am Delena all the way, but I would like to hear other peoples opinions. To start off Damon and Elena are so cute and they love each other so much.Some people are destined to fall in love and be together forever. His best friend, Jamie Pallomino, (Amy Smart) is the prettiest girl in school and he's ready to take things to the next level with her.Others are doomed to a fate of getting stuck in the "friend zone". But, Amy just doesn't see her big, cuddly best bud in that way.

The new comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart is a tale of a boy in love with his best friend - but she thinks of him like her brother. When Chris confesses his undying love in Jamie's yearbook on graduation day, the jocks get ahold of it and humiliate Chris in front of the whole school. The story fast-forwards to ten years in the future.

Chris has lost weight, buffed up and is a big music executive!

It's Christmas time and his boss wants him to sign a hot new singer who is on her way to Paris for the holidays.

Unfortunately, their plane is delayed in New Jersey - Chris's hometown!

Suddenly he has to face all those people from high school again - including Jamie.

All his feelings come rushing back, but he tried to play them off and be cool. Just Friends is full of hilarious one-liners and side-splitting scenarios.

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