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Sims 2 gba intimidating mummy

You play a hired actor/actress who needs to stir things up in this town, aliens, molepeople and world domination is just some of the small things that happen in this town, oh and did I also mention that this place was called Strangetown?You can choose your gender, hair style, colour and clothes just like in the usual Sim games and you are given several episodes to play.

You can also furnish the house you have been given by buying furniture in the pawnshop, you can earn simoleons by playing mini-games and partipictating in commercial breaks in the middle of episodes.How well you do helps determine how good your ratings are. Yang heran kan biasanya maen The Sim versi PC kan cari2 sendiri dan ga ada targetnya, tapi pas maen ini game cukup takjub juga..sih pernah kurang lebih tau game The Sim yang Bust Out (cmiiw yah judulnya...) versi N-Gage itu juga mirip seperti ini, ada level2nya dan tujuannya buat memecahkannya dalam bentuk clue2 sebagai puzzle2nya..pasti takjub bener maennya sampe sempet bingung, sangkain kayak Sim 1 yang di PC itu...maklum dha lama ga maen game2 berat ini di PC, dah terlalu lawas buat dimaenkan, padahal masih penasaran pengen maen The Sim 2 di PC tuh..nanti deh kalo PC dah tokcer....Triassic Trouble (difficulty :3) The Doomed Earth (difficulty :4) It All Come to an End (difficulty :5) A Very Special Reunion (difficulty :5) Aku penasaran bener ama ini game...berbeda dari seri SIM di PC yah..selama aku maen jadi penasaran bener ndak sih yang aku kerjakan, kayaknya ada item yang kurang deh, atau terlewatkan cluenya...alhasil setelah cari2 cukup lama cuman nemu websitenya aja, tapi jalan maennya belum dapet...mungkin ndak ada juga ndak papa, jadi sekalian pengen tau siapa aja neh user2 yang hobby maen GBA game Sim 2? Yang pasti kalo ada yang maen mari berkumpul yah..belum maen juga boleh berkumpul disini kok...baru sampe level 2 di Season yang 1 pula...awalnya banyak tikusnya..ada raja menta cariin kaktus (Cactus Spine), karet (Rubber Waders), plutonium (Jar of Plutonium), nah kurang 1 item yaitu Scrap of Iron tuh..aku dah feeling dimananya, yaitu di pabriknya itu..cuman susah banget menta orang yang bongkar itu pintu buat mecahin daerah situ, biar aku dapet salah satu ironnya itu..loh...siapa tau ada yang udah lewat, menta clue2nya yah...siapa orangnya yang bisa mecahin itu pintunya...ada beberapa karakter tuh..dah menta 2 orang buat mecahinnya itu pintunya tapi kedua karakter itu ga mau, yang satu ada tes/les besoknya jadi ga mau, yang satu lagi karena ornag baek ga mau mecahin pintu di pabrik itu..loh....Oke...segitu dulu yah....siapa tau punya clue2nya, mari2 di welcom selalu yah...makasih sebelumnya...Age: 7 years and over Secret cameras have been placed all around town and for one purpose only, televison. V show for fun and to get back at some of the towns residents.Step into the spotlight - your 15 minutes of fame are here!

After you finish creating, customizing, and controlling your Sims' world, take on the lead role in the hit television series "Strangetown".

As you unlock and play each episode of the TV series, explore a new story and characters to uncover the secrets of Stangetown.

Between episodes participate in all new unique mini-games such as car and soda commercials.

Episodes: Buried by the mob: Jimmy, Mobster Frankie Fusilli's lackey has lost a briefcase with some quite revealing photographs, you have to help him find where he lost it.

What digs beneath: Mole people have appeared in Strangetowns mines demanding items to help achieve their plans, will you help them or will you follow FBI Penelope Redd's instructions to stop the mole people?

Aliens Arrived: Aliens have invaded Strangetown under Emporer Xizzle's commands but who is the alien and who is your friend? : The Nuclear Plant has a blackout and noone knows if it is sabotage or a simple accident but who did it if it was sabotage, one of your friends or something else?

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