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Sonija kwok dating

Sonija Kwok last secret and the mainland Wu refers to you dating, decided this year to pull buried skylight, originally scheduled for April this year "flash marriage", but honey shipped in two recently in Beijing hand in hand told Hong Kong media,wholesale mac makeup, in addition to talk about bit of dating two outside, personally confirmed the wedding will be held at the end of the year.After Sonija Kwok more in micro Bo wrote: "I suffer from insomnia, the sesame seed cake (you nickname) slept like a pig, and really no way to get him.

Sonija Kwok sweet recalled: "we are in September last year with,nike tn pas cher, but I quickly to back to Hong Kong with brother (MIU) take the choice between men and women" for three months, so at first are using Skype with him to chat, meet in front of the computer.Although I have to start with him every day, but he does not sleep every night in the Skype and so on me.Our feelings have grown so fast in the last 3 months." Take "the choice of men and women", Sonija Kwok is to leave the mainland and wireless, overnight to meet her boyfriend.Two people in addition to travel around the country, Zhu Shaojie has brought Sonija Kwok back home to see parents in Henan.When Zhu Shaojie was in front of his mother, holding a diamond ring to kneel to marry Sonija Kwok.Sonija Kwok said: "the moment is really good, there are tears,ralph lauren soldes, feeling good at ease, good happiness.

I see his family, we all feel very happy, I also like the beautiful future mother-in-law." asked to go to the wedding, Sonija Kwok Pro Card will be married at the end of the year,air max pas cher, "we really wanted to get married in April, but in April to us in a hurry, because there are a lot of arrangements haven't quell and weekly says I have filling (BB) rush to get married, I want to prove that there is such a thing. There have been wedding sponsors to find us, and now we can get married and some sponsorship,tn pas cher, really good fun." After she praised the future husband you: "he is a very simple,polo ralph lauren pas cher, so practical, I fear some good calculating and whiny strategy.

Simple is the best, we do this line, to know each other in what, but he finished work is quietly back into the room read the script, watch movies on the Internet, or chatting with Skype, it's hard to just meet so well behaved people! Strive to do the best of their own, will be able to give their biggest surprise. Others some you may not, you some others also may not have.

" interviewed the same day, has remained silent,tn soldes, sit beside Sonija Kwok you had to say for the first time,stylo mont blanc pas cher, said of his fiancee, past be negligent,hogan outle online, "I don't see the gossip,air max 90 baratas, we together, she has told me that what used to be the news,air max 90 baratas outlet, but I said to her, I don't know before you, only know now and in the future you,chaussures tn pas cher, do not need to ignore the past! Enjoy yourself, treat yourself to a business yourself, one day you will indeed dazzling light.

" During the Sonija Kwok and her boyfriend two people took a photo Related topics: The perfor The British car zhuihe runawa [url= Life is not to be compared with others, but to go beyond their own.

the beach, the sun on the beach, the sea breeze blowing through the face. blue is the trouble of peace,hogan outlet, only to forget the troubles, can touch the blue. Time: 2014-11-22  ,saucony outlet; read: Source: short network literature author Lin Chu If the blue sky is , then the trouble is white.

closed his eyes, it seems to see a painter, with a white brush dotted with blue sky. I believe they can solve this difficult problem, like disapproval! copyright works without the written authorization of the "short" literature, strictly prohibited, Related topics: The BL ess Time: 2014-08-10 prose sources: the original prose author: Halfmoon Click: time finally read the Wang Xiaobo's "Silver Age", because the novel named for it, so on this novel, I was a bit to see careful a little bit, because Wang Xiaobo's article is not suitable for daytime reading --, and offenders will be held liable.

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