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Stacy london and clinton kelly dating

A: It is what I say in the book, your outside appearance is symptomatic of what you are feeling on the inside even if you are trying to hide it.You may think you are saying ‘I am super cool because I am only wearing black’ but what it really says is ‘I don’t want to be seen.’ Rarely do you see somebody who is entirely comfortable in their own skin dressing in a way that doesn’t flatter them. The better you are engaged with yourself, the better you will understand your body and dress it in a flattering way.

If you have been watching the show for the past 10 years, we had been simply putting new clothes on someone. Have you ever thought of writing a book for pre-teens and teens especially in a culture where bullying, peer pressure, etc.are so prevalent and kiddos are struggling with self-image and social media pressure? Social media of itself has made an immediacy that is devastating.You look like at things like Pinterest and boards, it is horrifying.Absolutely something I plan to do and have considered. She’s everyone’s favorite no-nonsense, tell-it-like it is stylist, Stacy London.Co-host of TLC’s “What Not to Wear ” with Connecticut resident Clinton Kelly, London comes across as a secure, empowered lady of no-nonsense, a rock when it comes to attitude, flair and satire.

But beneath those killer stilettos and perfect fashion sense is a woman who has had her lion’s share of challenges along the way.

Now she is sharing them in her new book, “The Truth About Style” a sort of semi-autobiography that also provides a closet full of self-help when it comes to turning poor self-esteem into giant-sized positive ego.

With the holidays soon upon us, sassy Stacy not only Spills the Beans about her book but how to look and feel your best not just for special occasions, but all the time.

Q: You are best known, especially from the first few years of “What Not To Wear,” of simply taking a person and making his or her outside look good.

But in the last year or two the show, and certainly your book, seem to address what is inside as well, a shift that seems to address two issues at once.

How critical is your inside appearance to your outside one?

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