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Svea 123 dating

yakpacks,jansport dome tents, msr white metal pan snowshoes, bernzamatic lamp/lanterns that ran off of those surplus military phone/walkietalkie batteries size and weight of a brick? I worked at REI when it had 2 stores, the walk-up in downtown Seattle and the "flagship" store on 11th and Pike. 1 of hunters the other is a beach scene both show coolers and the graphics appear to be about 1950.The container has a grey background with black and white raindrops.

I cannot find anything on the web about this lantern. no rust, just a lot of scorching, so it needs a paint job. It is wonderful justification for my collection of stoves, lanterns, tents, packs, cook kits, fuel flasks, boots, sleeping bags, and other doo-dads, from Coleman (of course! Of course, justification covers a multitude of hobbies and vices: a ham radio buddy of mine told me that my wife's collection of stamping and scrap booking stock and equipment is also justification for ham radio.These are a few of my treasures of the outdoors of yesteryear. Can email me at [email protected] Robbins Want to see that Kamplite really blow others away? These were designed for a mantle about twice as big as a Coleman #21. Helly hansen first addition 3 layer yellow gortex parka and bibs I still use (no delamination yet, I just DWR) Mouse Products , Bristlecone sl bags, When twinpeaks made sd and northface sl bags? It also Has Sir Edmund Hillary's name on ( on the tag sewn to the tent) I want to assemble this tent. My son and I will use it this year as we backpack the Pennine Way in Northumberland, England. Also, I am the original owner of a Hank Roberts Mini Mark III Lantern/Stove Combo that I bought in 1982 and used only once. I still wear my Raichle Rotundos (late 70's or thereabouts). I have a slew of old ad slicks from Mountain Paraphernalia days....The single model uses the same generator as their double model, so is moving a LOT of fuel most likely being burnt off as a useless ghost flame. Peerless 2C-HG mantles are excellent mantles to use in place of Coleman #21s. HELLO , I WOULD LIKE TO ADD THIS TO YOUR COMMENTS PAGE --- I NOW HAVE OVER 175 NORTH FACE TENTS --- SOME NEW , MOST CLASSICS , VINTAGE --- AND TRY TO USE THEM ON A ROTATIONAL BASIS --- THE TNF SLEEPING BAG COUNT IS OVER 100 --- PACKS , TNF , OODLES AND OODLES BILLIONS --- GORE-TEX COATS AND SHELLS PANTS CLIMBING SUITS --- FAR TOO MANY --- I HAVE ENOUGH STUFF TO OUTFIT AN EVEREST ATTEMPT --- OR HOUSE MOST OF THE HOMELESS HERE IN COLORADO --- SOMEBODY STOP ME PLEASE ??? Epoke mica based xc skis (someone on SNL wore an Epoke tshirt during a skit) Hope sparked a few more memories. I'm looking for the disposable LP Gas Fuel slip on canisters. I'll have to pull out the old crampons and wooden ice axes.How 'bout the old phoebus stoves, msr tunnel tent with sewn in liner and packing peanuts that acted as spacers and 3 hoop poles you placed inside, or SD octodome where you crawled thru an arch. Jeff I have recently aquires a Ted Williams 10 or 12? I know I have a well-used Optimus 8R and a couple of other old stoves. It measures 9" tall x 7" wide by 4" deep and the legend on the back says it is a "portable refrigerator" and has instructions for use with 2 pictures.does anyone know where to get a replacement JC Higgins decal that goes on the inside lid? and the email i used is a friends email, and she'll let me know of any interested response she might recieve. ), Primus, Svea, Trangia, EMS, Early Winters, Kelty, Eureka, Yak Pak, Twin Peaks, North Face, REI, Fabiano, Raichle, Highland Outfitters (a hole-in-the-wall Riverside institution back in the day), and so on. Besides, amateur radio field days are simply excuses for a camp out.

this one is in great shape, but if i want to do the paint job right, i need to replace it. thanks for the nice site, lots of vintage stuff here. Stevejust got an old optimus 111B, would like to know what its worth? Anyone want to have their old camping photos featured in a Coleman Ad Campaign? Send a sample jpeg or pdf file to me for consideration. But my wife is also understanding; in 2002, she convinced me to take the offer to buy a stock, mint 1960 Jeep from the original owner, then 92 years of age.

We are looking for vintage photos of families camping with Coleman products. Anyone want to have their old camping photos featured in a Coleman Ad Campaign? Send a sample jpeg or pdf file to me for consideration. I still have all my old stuff(c.1974)Phobus in can,svea, Kelty tioga,sigg cook set,sierra cup etc. I remember toodling about in it during high school days. Anyhow, finding all you kindred spirits is tonic for this bald guy's spirits. Hello Monte and friends, Fantastic collection of camping gear!

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* You may obtain a copy of the License at * * * * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and * limitations under the License.

Other than taking photos, hiking , climbing and Kayaking,, collecting Retro Backpacks, Lanterns, Tents, Ice Axes and really anything to do with the outdoors is a fun ( though sometimes expense) hobby. Am looking for both RR carabiners and the original Galibier shoe if anyone has either please let me know. I havent found a CODE or Model Number for this tent. Just picked up a 1965 Gerry Yearound Two Man tent in mint condition. I also still beat all my buddies when we boil water at a way point for coffee or soup etc, using my 30 year old Svea 123. My favorite tent is still in my pack, green alpine Very nice.

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