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Thedatingdrama com

Kaitlyn Bristowe faced a big decision on the Season 11 finale of ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” but first she took suitors Shawn Booth and Nick Viall for the ultimate encounter with her parents.

I enjoyed getting to know Anna more and without the context of a relationship and the back and forth of should she and shouldn't she date/marry him.This one had more to do with family and history and I liked that break from the dating drama.The case in this book was also intriguing as it had the difference of being from a small town instead of DC and how small town politics and justice are very different.I grew up in a small town and never had a run in with the politics, but this story reminded me of how intertwined lives in a small town can be and how secrets are kept.Kritters Thoughts: A twist in this series and it happened at just the right time!Anna Curtis is called back to her hometown in Michigan to help exonerate her sister as she is charged with the murder of a prominent hometown hero - the football coach!

Anna is determined that her sister is innocent so she switches sides of the courtroom and goes back to Michigan to defend her sister.

This book took a small hiatus from the personal drama that was building in the last three books and was more about Anna and her sister and her upbringing.

Former federal prosecutor and critically acclaimed author Allison Leotta’s spellbinding thriller follows prosecutor Anna Curtis as she heads home to Michigan to defend her sister in a case that will bring her to her knees.

Newly single after calling off her wedding, sex-crimes prosecutor Anna Curtis is summoned home to Michigan when her old high school coach—a hometown hero—is killed in a fiery car crash.

But Anna isn’t there to prosecute a crime, she’s home to support her innocent sister, Jody, who has been wrongfully accused of the coach’s murder. The police are convinced that Jody was having an affair with the married coach and killed him out of jealousy.

As Anna investigates with the help of her childhood friend Cooper Bolden—an Afghan War veteran with a secret of his own—she slowly peels back the facade of her all-American hometown and discovers that no one is telling the truth about the coach, not even the people she thought she knew best.

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