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Tips dating someone hiv positive

While it is necessary for an AIDS patient to be infected with HIV, one can have HIV in the system without exhibiting the symptoms of AIDS.

Test yourself There are two situations where you may find yourself involved with an HIV positive person.The first and relatively harmless situation is where you may be attracted towards a certain guy or woman only to be told that he/she is HIV positive as you start dating him/here.Another more serious situation is when you have been in a relationship with someone for some time and then he/she is diagnosed as HIV positive.In case of the latter, if you have been sexually intimate with each other, it is crucial that you get yourself tested as well.Once you know the truth about your own health, you will not only be able to make the correct choices in the relationship but more importantly start your own treatment, if required.TIP: Positive Singles specializes in dating for those with STD and HIV Gather the facts First of all it is necessary to get a clear picture about AIDS the disease.

AIDS or Acquired Immunodefiency Syndrome is a disease that weakens the human immune system to the point when it can no longer fight off infections and results in death unless treatment is started.

AIDS is caused by the HIV or human immunodeficiency virus which belongs to a group of viruses known as retrovirus.

Since the end of the last century few diseases have evoked so much fear and concern as AIDS.

While the prime reason for this continues to be the fact that a definite and complete cure has continued to elude scientists, another equally strong cause remains the confusion and misconception over how AIDS is transmitted.

This has created a lot of stigma towards HIV positive people, especially in dating and relationships.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when dating someone who is HIV positive.

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