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Transport properties of self consolidating concrete

Offered for more than 50 years at VCC, this well-respected program will give you a foundation in mechanics and prepare you to choose from trades like diesel engine mechanic, commercial transport vehicle mechanic, heavy duty mechanic and trailer mechanic.

A first payment is required to reserve a space in the program.Three exposure classes relating to corrosion protection of reinforcement are defined in ACI 318: not applicable (C0), moderate (C1), and severe (C2).The most common cause of steel corrosion is chloride ingress (see Corrosion of Embedded Metals).Any reinforced concrete exposed to moisture and external chlorides, be it from seawater or deicer salts, is considered to be in a severe corrosion environment.This expansion builds up internal pressure until the concrete fails in the form of spalling.This is a leading cause of concrete deterioration and numerous studies have been performed to prevent corrosion of reinforcing steel.

Specifying a durable concrete begins with identifying exposure conditions.

To what deterioration mechanisms will the concrete be exposed?

After you apply, you can check application status to see if all of the requirements have been met or to update contact information.

Please use the temporary login ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you used to complete your original online application.

The corrosion of reinforcing steel can be a problem in concrete structures.

Corrosion of steel produces hydrated iron oxide or rust, which is very expansive.

Profile for transport properties of self consolidating concrete:

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