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Updating bios from flash drive

@elmicha: A drive needs to be bootable in order to run any files at boot.

I have used the following technique to flash the BIOS on a HP N54L Pro Liant Micro Server.I think it should work for other systems too that just need to run a command from MS-DOS after booting from a USB stick. If you don't understand what these instructions do then you probably shouldn't be attempting it.The following assumes that you have a set of files, or an archive file, that contains the new ROM and a script or executable that applies it.The BIOS might have come with an executable to create a USB from scratch; if you've got this far, you've probably tried running that already and failed.What you need to find are the ROM file and script or executable.In my case, the ROM file was called Now you have a USB stick that will boot to DOS.

Now you need to put your BIOS files onto the USB stick.

As a general principle, you simply need to copy and paste the files onto the volume.

If they came in a self-extracting Once you have your files extracted, copy them onto the USB stick. Take a look at the files; there is probably a file that contains the new ROM itself, and a I spent all morning struggling to find a way to flash the BIOS on my Zotac motherboard.

Unetbootin creates MS-DOS images that will boot, but they cannot find the flash files (awdflash and N0422_in my case) on my USB thumb drive.

What finally worked was creating an Ultimate Boot CD and booting FREEDOS (not MS-DOS) from that CD.

Then the USB thumb drive with my flashing files ) Note that sys is probably an old command and will only work on all variants of FAT (I believe both disks have to be in FAT32).

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