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Updating old farmhouse plumbing

He heated and flared a new pipe, using a lathe to achieve a bell-shape.

I haven't been able to find out much about the very early days of this farm, except that the people who lived there were German immigrants, and they were innovative and enterprising.At first we thought this "shed" was a tenant house, for hired hands, but now I think it's where the couple settled before building the permanent house.We thought it curious that they even built a closet in this original house - an unusual thing, as it counted as an extra room for tax purposes.I can't find evidence of exactly where the old sink was mounted. Seeing as this style of sink has gotten hugely popular, there may be many of you who would like to see mine. In case they fascinate you too, I thought I'd share with you some pictures of my very old farmhouse-style kitchen sink.

This sink is in the kitchen of my 1928 Wardway's kit home.

However, it was clearly salvaged out of a much older home, when this house was new. We suspect it may first have been installed in the original house built on the farmstead - which is now being used as a shop and storage shed.

Perhaps it was salvaged out of someplace else, after the main house was built. My father has nearly 40 years of construction experience.

In that time, he has seen only two of these sinks..second one of which was installed in the house where his dad was born, built somewhere between 19.

(No accurate records were kept of the construction date of this house.) When he presented photos of my sink on a professional plumbing forum, which was made up of knowledgeable people from many places, he was met with blank stares. If you know anything specific about it, please leave details in the Comments section below.

The sink was dirty and lonely when we first came, being without even a pump or faucet. The surrounding countertop is fir or spruce, and is a wonderful work surface. My father had to manufacture a fitting and bracket for the drain, as we could not locate one with the correct design.

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