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White women dating middle eastern men

Submitted by Ana (United States), Feb 11, 2015 at Dear Olya, I'm also from Russia originally. So you can see that if you keep this up, you'll be dealing with these crazy men for many more years. I'm usually in my room crying my eyes out and I can't stop. It is literally got to a point where most of my Russian and Ukrainian girlfriends are all dating Middle Eastern men. Ask yourself if you want to get married eventually? There is a couple in my city who come to our Russian church. Her American man seems like such an amazing husband and a father. Valentine's Day is coming up and I know he is going to ruin it for me. Please stay strong and don't let this Turkish clown anywhere near you!!! You're going to waste your best years on them and not find a husband. I already posted on here about my Qatari boyfriend and the way he treats me… My best friend has a baby with a Christian Lebanese guy. He'd often get mad at her, wake her and the baby up in the middle of the night and call 911 on her, telling her to get out! She would always point out to me how he was Christian, not Muslim. Arab and Turkish guys love Russian women because we are white and they all have a white women fetish, and we are also from patriarchal society, unfamiliar with feminism for the most part and allow men to have power over us.

I don't know what's with Eastern European women and Middle Eastern men. Don't go on dates with them, don't even talk to them haha And try to get yourself an American boyfriend. So take advantage of this opportunity while you are young and beautiful! Btw, those very few Russian women who got married to American men are very happy. I am wasting my time, but I can't break up with him. That is exactly what I need more Muslim men (*insert sarcasm*) Unfortunately, I have to deal with them at work. I'm still with my Qatari boyfriend and it's not going anywhere. One time he told me, "My life is non of your business". And I looked through his posts and I now think he is in love with another woman. I was shocked because he is so stubborn, never explains anything to me! He reached out and told me that he was willing to compromise a little and that he really missed me and was also sad without me. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

Because it turned out he wasn't cheating when I thought he was. I was racist and rude and inappropriate and he was right, he was not cheating, not with that girl at least. I thought I was going to die from broken heart like Giselle lol. But it has a long-term potential, meaning I can potentially waste another 5-7 years of my life with him because he plans to stay in the US for another 5-7 years before moving back to Qatar. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate.

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He is, of course, always sorry and takes her back and starts treating her "like princess" that is until he gets mad again.

So many of my girlfriends are dating or got married to Turkish guys.

One of the girls got actively involved with our Russian Orthodox Church since she got married and moved to Turkey.

Could it be that life in Turkey is not so good for her and she finally realized that her Christian faith means something to her? One is American Egyptian and the other one is a Turkish guy. He is saying that it is not what it looks like and is asking me to give him a chance. I wish I could tell him what I really think of it all…

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  1. With this in mind then, it is pretty easy to see the appeal of a cross-cultural relationship (i.e. A Korean woman can have greater freedoms, not worry about her traditional responsibilities, not be so concerned of a strained relationship with the in-laws (one of the main reasons for divorce in Korea), and maybe able to escape to another country altogether that treats women better and gives them better opportunities.

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