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Who is christopher knight dating

Then in mid 1991, he, and a few other key employees successfully moved the software engineering staff and the 3D technologies into a new privately held company, Visual Software.As co-founder of Visual Software, Christopher was a pioneer in the consumer 3D graphics market.

Being a reluctant icon as well as having an innate interest in science and machines led Christopher to his new career in the computer industry in 1988.Constant celebrity status from youth has provided him with people skills and has proven to be excellent preparation for life in sales and marketing.Entering the industry as an account sales manager at Martec, Inc., he logged the company's first $1 million sales order within his first eighteen months, quickly becoming Martec's top performer, and employee of the year.In October 1989, Christopher took the responsibility of Vice President of Design System Marketing and Sales at New Image Industry, moving the company into 3D rendering/imaging technologies.Christopher Anton Knight was born November 7, 1957 in Manhattan, New York, the second of four children: three boys and one girl.Around the time he was three, his family moved to Los Angeles, where his father, an actor, later began seeking auditions for his two oldest sons as a means of saving money for their college education.

Although both Christopher and his older brother Mark tried out, only Christopher was offered parts.

At the young age of seven, he began landing appearances in commercials for companies such as Toyota, Tide, and Cheerios and in television shows such as Gunsmoke (1955) and Mannix (1967).

Soon, however, he found himself involved with what would become one of the most successful television shows of all time.

Partially because his dark looks matched that of Robert Reed who was already cast as the show's father, Christopher won the part of the middle brother, "Peter Brady", in The Brady Bunch (1969).

Airing from September 1969 through August 1974, the show was highly popular with teenagers of that era.

Although ending thirty years ago, it acquired instant syndication and has never since left the airways.

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