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Who is mario cuomo dating

New York governor who missed his moment to run for president The date was December 20, 1991.President Bush had won the first Gulf War earlier in the year.

The exception was Mario Cuomo, the heavyweight governor of New York state and standard bearer for American liberalism.For months he had vacillated, but this was decision day.He faced a 5pm deadline to file his candidacy in Concord, New Hampshire, for the crucial first primary.Mario Cuomo, who died Thursday just after his son, Andrew, was sworn in for his second term as governor of New York, had sharp political instincts but followed a road map unlike any other in the political atlas.He was set to run for president and at the last moment pulled back.He was offered a Supreme Court post by Bill Clinton, a sometime rival, and withdrew.

He was always something of a reluctant warrior, even when the prize was a young man’s dream: In the early 1950s, Mr.

Cuomo walked away from the Pittsburgh Pirates, choosing instead of baseball what he called “Our Lady of the Law.” But before he departed, he left an unusual mark, recorded in the archives of the Pirates farm system.

“I think Cuomo has the tools to go all the way if the best can be brought out in him,” Pirates scout Ed Mc Carrick wrote in May 1952 as the new outfielder was set to report.

“Like all bright fellows, he is sometimes moody and different from the ordinary person.

It takes some time to get his confidence and to know the warmth that is in him.” Or to know the torment within him.

• Late at night the lights burned in the New York governor’s study.

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